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Updated Review of Isagenix vs Herbalife: Which Shake is More Effective

Meal replacement shakes are among the best weight loss products. The supplements which contain a wide range of ingredients mainly work by suppressing the user’s appetite and promoting the rate of metabolism. Meal replacement shakes contain minerals, vitamins and nutrients which help to nourish the body and boost energy levels. Herbalife and Isagenix Isalean are popular supplements in the market currently. The products have a huge customer base due to their efficiency. Herbalife and Isagenix also promote rapid weight loss with results that are long-lasting. In order to determine the best meal replacement product between these two shakes, below is a comparison review of Isagenix shakes vs herbalife shakes.

Isagenix shakes vs herbalife shakes – Claims and Manufacturer Information

Isagenix products are manufactured by Isagenix International Company. According to claims by this company, Isagenix shake helps to enhance the weight loss process by promoting satiety. It makes the user to feel full for long hours thereby reducing their intake of calories.

Herbalife shake is manufactured by Herbalife International Company. According to the manufacturer claims, this supplement accelerates the weight loss process by also suppressing the consumer’s appetite. It helps to create a deficiency of calories in the body which leads to the conversion of stored fat to fuel.

Isagenix shakes vs herbalife shakes – Ingredients

Isagenix shakes vs herbalife shakes – Ingredients

Both herbalife and Isagenix products are made with unique ingredients. These two meal replacement shakes are formulated using various compounds which help to promote the weight loss process. Below is the ingredient comparison between herbalife and Isagenix Isalean shake.

Isagenix Ingredients

Isagenix products contain whey protein which helps to promote the feeling of satiety. Whey protein also contains the essential amino acids which help to promote the metabolism of fat and increases muscle strength. In addition to those, this protein also promotes muscle gain. The shake has 8g of protein which helps to curb hunger. The chromium found in Isagenix helps to prevent hunger pangs while fructose acts as a sweetener to enhance the shake’s flavor.

Herbalife Ingredients

This herbal-based supplement contains soy protein which helps to suppress appetite. The 4g of fiber found in herbalife helps to inhibit hunger. Tis meal replacement shake also has vitamins and minerals such as riboflavin. Calcium, and potassium which helps to increase the energy levels in the body and to promote cellular growth.

Isagenix shakes vs herbalife shakes – How They Work

Both herbalife and Isagenix work using the same mechanisms. Isagenix reviews show that it contains a high amount of proteins which promote the feeling of satiety. In addition to that, the high whey protein content that is found in this shake helps to accelerate the growth of lean muscles. Herbalife is also an appetite controller that helps to increase the energy levels in the body. It contains soy protein which accelerates the rate of metabolism in the body, leading to the conversion of fat to fuel.

Isagenix shakes vs herbalife shakes –Benefits

Because these two shakes almost have the same mechanisms, their benefits are also nearly similar. First, they both help to enhance the process of weight loss. Isagenix and herbalife also suppress appetite and curbing hunger and promoting the feeling of satiety. Some of their other benefits include:

Benefits of Isagenix shake

Isagenix reviews show that this meal replacement shake provides consumers with the following benefits:

  • It enhances the growth of lean muscles.
  • The shake contains high amounts of protein.
  • It comes in various flavors which are sweet and delicious.

Benefits of Herbalife Shake

Multiple herbalife reviews indicate that this shake contains the following benefits:

  • It contains low amounts of sugar.
  • Promotes the growth of lean muscles.
  • Reduces the level of cholesterol and fats from the body.

Isagenix Shakes vs Herbalife Shakes – Side Effects

Like most meal replacement shakes, these two products can also have side effects. However, most people usually experience the negative effects of these two shakes at the start of taking these shakes. Some side effects could be as a result of an overdose or allergic reactions. Isagenix and herbalife reviews show that most users ended up experiencing mild side effects such as:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pains

Isagenix shakes vs herbalife shakes – Final Verdict

Choosing the best shake between these two products is nearly impossible. Both herbalife and Isagenix have the same working mechanism. In addition to that, they also have numerous benefits which help to improve the user’s physical appearance and their overall well-being. Isagenix reviews show that this protein and fiber-rich shake can effectively promote the development of lean muscles within a short period of time. Meanwhile, herbalife reviews show that this plant-based shake helps to speed up the metabolism of fat leading to weight loss. It is also considered as a more affordable option of Isagenix Isalean shake though the latter promises users value for money. The best shake between Isagenix and herbalife solely depends on an individual’s budget and preferences.

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