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Updated Comparison Review Between Herbalife, 310 shake, Isagenix & Idealshape


Diet shakes are products which are mostly used to manage weight and enhance weight loss. Isagenix, Idealshape, Herbalife and 310 are among the most popular supplements that are used by dieters. Isagenix for example, contains a mix of powerful ingredients that promote weight loss and muscle growth simultaneously. Idealshape Shake is a low-calorie meal replacement that contains a wide range of nutrients that promotes weight loss and healthy growth.

310 Shake is a nutrient-rich product that contains minerals, vitamins and nutrients that accelerate the development of lean muscles as well as burning of body fat. Lastly, Herbalife offers consumers a nutritious mixture of ingredients that are great in managing weight. These products are all great for weight loss and also healthy development. The comparison review below outlines various aspects of 310 Shake vs Herbalife vs Isagenix vs Idealshape.

310 shake, Isagenix, Herbalife, Idealshape – Nutrition Information


The above-mentioned supplements promise to accelerate the burning of fat. Besides that, users are also promised a healthy weight loss process and overall improved development. But what is the nutrition information of these products? Looking at the fiber content per serving, Isagenix has 8 grams, 3g for Herbalife, 5g for IdealShape and 5g for 310. Isagenix has 24 grams of protein while Herbalife has 9g. Idealshape contains 11 grams of protein and 1 gram for 310 shake. The sugar comparison of these four shakes shows that Isagenix has the highest sugar content for every serving, 11g. Herbalife has 9grams, 11g for IdealShape and less than a gram for 310 shake.

310 shake, Isagenix, Herbalife, Idealshape – Flavors

These shakes are sold under different versions of flavors so as to ensure that the needs of users are met. The more the flavor variety, the wider and better the options.Below is the flavor details of Idealshape, 310, Isagenix and Herbalife.

Types of 310 Shake Flavors

This healthy diet shake is available in different varieties of delicious flavors. The main types include vanilla, chocolate, vanilla chai, strawberry, and toasted coconut. Apart from those, there are also other flavors which are derived from basic flavors.

Types of Herbalife Flavors

Herbalife is an organic type of shake that has various plant-based ingredients. It can be formulated using various types of recipes to create flavors such as café latte, roasted peanut, chocolate, banana caramel, vanilla, wild berry, and Pina colada.

Types of Idealshape Flavors

Idealshape is among the top supplements that are available in more than ten types of flavors. The wide variety gives consumers a wide option to choose from. They include Dark chocolate, salted caramel, mocha, strawberry, chocolate coconut, Cookie & Cream, Orange Cream among others.

Types of Isagenix Shake Flavors

This is a popular supplement that is loved by most dieters due to its sweet delicious flavors. Isagenix Isalean shake is sold in flavors which include vanilla, orange cream, chocolate, creamy Dutch, strawberry cream and black sesame.

Are these Shakes Actually Effective?

From various user reviews, these shakes actually work to enhance weight loss. The ingredients that are used in their manufacturing have been tested to be suitable metabolic boosters and fat burners. For instance, Herbalife shake for weight loss has been termed as a high-quality organic supplement that provide users with multiple health benefits. However, the efficiency of these products depend on their nutrition contents, the weight goals of the user and their rate of metabolism.

310 shake, Isagenix, Herbalife, Idealshape – Price

The availability of multiple meal replacement shakes means that most of them are cheap. Idealshape and Herbalife are very cheap and a single serving usually costs $1.67 and $1.33 respectively. The price of Isagenix is $3.71, $2.43 for 310.

How 310 Shake Compares To Other Products

310 is a top-rated weight loss product that facilitates natural and safe weight loss. However, its use, as well as effectiveness when it’s compared to other products, has always been a matter of question to users. How does it fair in comparison to other meal replacement shakes?

310 Shake vs Idealshape

The only time 310 shape and IdealShape match is when their fiber contents are compared. Both have 5g of fiber. Besides that, 310 shake actually performs better in terms of calories, protein and sugar content.

310 Shake vs Herbalife

Note that Herbalife shake for weight loss is a high-quality plant-based shake that provides consumers with healthy benefits. They both have the same calories and fat content. However, as much as Herbalife Shake for Weight Loss is great, 310 shake is actually better in terms of performance based on the sugar, protein and fiber content.

310 Shake vs Isagenix

These two products normally try to outdo each other competitively. Isagenix shake has high amounts of calorie and sugar which isn’t ideal for a good meal replacement shake. However, it still performs better than 310 shake thanks to its high fiber and protein content.

310 Shake vs Shakeology

Looking at the 310 Shake vs Shakeology comparison, shakeology actually has better performance. As much as it has high amounts of sugar, carbs and calories, it has high levels of protein and fiber as well.

Customer Reviews

According to consumer reviews, Idealshape is a great supplement that can curb the dieter’s hunger for long hours. Herbalife promotes rapid weight loss while Isagenix enhances satiety. As per 310 shake reviews it’s considered as a highly effective product that boosts the rate of metabolism. Overall, all these products received high numbers of positive customer reviews. However, some users ended up with negative side effects as a result of overdosing or allergic reaction. Isagenix, Idealshape, 310 and Herbalife should, therefore, be used with caution.

Final Thoughts

These shakes contain different nutrition facts and they are available at different prices. They are all effective in their own unique ways and the best one of them all depends on what the consumer requires.

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