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The Quinny Longboard Stroller Lets You And Your Baby Longboard Around

The longboard is turning into an inexorably mainstream method for getting around; it’s modest, it’s quick, it stores effortlessly, and in this way is an impressive instrument for driving. One that’s not as exercise-escalated as riding a bicycle around, in spite of the fact that at any rate on a skateboard, you can wear typical garments. In any case, imagine a scenario in which you have a child. Luckily, the Quinny Longboard Stroller permits you to join strollers and longboards into one.

Child On Longboard 

The Quinny is sufficiently straightforward in execution. The stroller is in the front of the board; you strap your infant in and ensure they have a protective cap, and after that push off and get this show on the road. It controls simply like a real longboard, with a pleasant raised segment at the front and on the tail to oblige greater, more grounded trucks and wheels.

Indeed, the entire board is a custom occupation, directly down to the wheels. It must be, to acknowledge the additional weight. So on the off chance that you wanted to trap this out with some better wheels, too bad, yet you’re screwed over thanks to the stock board. On the splendid side, this implies it accompanies a hand brake, so in case you’re going to wipe out, you can rescue the circumstance and ideally not harm your child. Ideally.


If you call for one of these, you would be wise to be set up to arrange rapidly and to pay rapidly; there are just a thousand units at this moment, it just ships to the European Union, and it right now costs about $660. Then again, no other board will give you a chance to envision you’re all in an adolescent without any confinements and a mindful parent. Gone ahead, do an ollie with your child strapped in. Nothing could turn out badly! Indeed, OK, a great deal could end badly, yet despite everything, you’ll be the cool parent.

Bundling and Delivery 

When you’ve put a lot of cash on an item, you need you truly would like to ensure that the bundling and conveyance strategy is up to scratch. The exact opposite thing any guardians needs is a harmed item and far more atrocious a steamed kid.

Quinny conveys the stroller by dispatch, requesting a mark upon conveyance which is continually consoling. Conveyance can typically take up to 2-5 weeks from the obtaining date contingent upon stock levels.

The case the longboard stroller lands in is reliable and durable, the item arrives in the board piece, and you just need to evacuate the defensive film and the cardboard to go ahead.

You are sent a beautiful booklet that strolls you through all that you would perhaps need to think about the board. From opening the crate and having it set I up would state that it just took me ten minutes to prepare everything.

As should be obvious from the photos I had a little assistant all through the readiness stage, sincerely he was practically insane in his fervor over his fresh out of the plastic new toy, as you will find in this next video…

Item and Safety 

The longboard stroller comes with an incorporated breaking framework that permits you to break/control your speed while moving. As far as other prominent wellbeing highlights that you control then you have a wrist-strap/rope that can be worn when you are on the load up and it is intended to shield the load up from moving endlessly should you venture off the load up whenever. Ought to the more regrettable happen then the board has an incorporated a security brake and the LBS will stop consequently.

The most vital guidelines are that your kid must be no less than one year old, can measure a greatest of 15kg and needs to wear a head protector and defensive rigging under all circumstances. Grown-ups are urged to wear defensive apparatus too.

The youngster must be belted up and even has straps for their legs that ought to be utilized before you set off on your little undertakings.

For those that are intrigued, you can change the stroller as you see fit by including your parts and trust me when I say you can get some hip new grasp tape and wheels online nowadays.

Capacity and Size 

The board is long, be that as it may, it can be effortlessly collapsed to fit in the auto and for capacity. Here are the key size subtle elements:

  • Unfolded: 1355 (L) by 505 (W) by 1060 (H) mm
  • Folded: 1355 (L) by 505 (W) by 365 (H) mm
  • Weight: 11 KG

With regards to collapsing and putting away, stroller it takes around 10 seconds to crease away. Try not to trust me watch me do it.

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