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The 7 Top Radar Detection Technologies And Models To Help You Beat The System

Since speed guns hit the market a few decades ago, there has been a constant cat and mouse game between drivers and traffic cops. The last thing any driver wants is to be singled out for punishment for a simple and more often than not harmless traffic offence. Initially, drivers used online networks and other forms of communication to warn each other about police speed traps. These days however, you as the motorist have just as much power with the many different radar detectors available making it possible for you to beat the system. Below is a review of 7 of the best models on the market and the technologies they use to deter the efforts of traffic police.

1. Traffic Flow Signal Rejection False Signal Elimination

Technology and detection mechanisms used his serves not only as a radar detector but also as a silencer for false tips and warnings. This is done by comparing information received by the detector and what is displayed by your vehicle’s congestion and radar alert system. If any of these do not correspond with this model’s information, they are considered false and not displayed on the monitor. This saves you a lot of time as you do not have to keep slowing down for non-existent speed traps.

2. Escort SmartRadar Hidden Detector

Technology used

This signal detector makes use of a pre-loaded traffic database to warn the driver of nearby monitors. The database contains information on the location of both red light cameras and speed monitoring cameras in the entire country. When there is one nearby, a signal will be sent to your smartphone with details including the camera location and speed gun proximity.

Other features and specifications

The unit is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphone operating systems. It also features a clever transponder-like design that is easy to hide therefore keeping you out of rouble in case you are pulled over.

3. Blinder HP-705 Compact Quad Sensor Laser Defense

Technology and detection mechanisms used

This radar detector is not technically a detector but instead works by interrupting traffic Lidar signals. It does this by emitting its own similar signal that confuses the otherwise very accurate radar system. So far the Blinder Quad Sensor is the only radar detector with adequate technology to help drivers escape detection through Lidar signals.

Other features and specifications

This model is designed to look and alternatively function as a parking assist range finder. This design makes it multifunctional and ensures that you avoid trouble with the law for using a radar detector to beat the system.

4. Escort SmartCord Live Smartphone Interface

Technology and detection mechanisms used

This second Escort radar detector model is basically an improvement on the old methods used by motorists to warn each other about speed gun traps. The unit allows you to get connected to the vast network of radar detectors in your area. These are managed by the company producing the detectors. They receive tips from other drivers and relay the information back to you through the transmitter.

Other features and specifications

The radar detector is Bluetooth compatible with the in-built using these signals to connect to the network and receive information. It is designed to draw power from your car with a 12 volt plug for easy connectivity. This ensures that the unit is always fired up and ready for action without need for batteries or recharging.

5. SCD2 Surveillance Camera Defense

Technology and detection mechanisms used

The SCD2 model serves two purposes using two different mechanisms. The first is surveillance camera detection. It does this using special detectors that are sensitive to intense white and infrared light present on these cameras. The second purpose is preventing these cameras from then taking pictures of your license plate as you pass. This is achieved by shedding excess light over the license plate making it impossible to take a clear photo.

6. Valentine SAVVY K40RL-series QuietRide

Technology and detection mechanisms used

This is another detector model that also helps prevent unnecessary and false signal detection. It functions by responding to specific speed levels above which the unit automatically turns on and below which it is muted. This comes in handy if you are driving slowly or where you are sure there are no traffic stops and there is therefore no need to be warned.

If you drive above the present speed limit, the unit unmutes and detects signals from speed guns to warn you and give you sufficient time to slow down.

7. Cobra SLR 650G Color Screen Display

Technology and detection mechanisms used

This model utilizes improved radar detectors that are sensitive to different signals including traditional K and X bands as well as more modern Ka and Lidar signals from traffic radars. The unit also has the ability to detect nearby speed and red light cameras. It also makes use of your car’s GPS system to determine exact location and to let you know just how far away you are from the imminent threats.

Other features and specifications

Once this information is received by the detector, it is relayed to you as the driver through a special color LCD screen. The screen also displays current travelling speeds allowing you to make necessary adjustments. The system also features a unique updatable memory system that allows storage of this information for future reference when travelling the same route.

Bottom line

Each and every radar detector model reviewed above has something great to offer drivers in terms of detection technology. Whether it is protecting your identity or warning you of nearby radar beams, there is no denying the fact that there is a lot to gain from using these devices. Therefore, if you have had it with the tickets and citations, you should seriously consider getting one of the seven models above.

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