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Meal Replacement Shakes Comparison -18 Shake Vs Arbonne Protein Shake

All of us want to live a perfect and healthy life, and that includes having a maintaining a healthy weight. There are various ways of managing or living a healthy life, and one of the most preferred methods is by using weight loss supplements. Some of the supplements used for weight loss include the 18 shake and the Arbonne proteins shakes.  This article is going to talk about these two supplements with the aim of choosing which the best is.

First things first what is 18 shake and what is Arbonne shake.  In various 18 shake reviews what comes out is that18 shake is a supplement that provides the body with crucial nutrients. One of the primary functions of 18 shake is that it helps reduce the body weight without disrupting any other physiological body functions. It is also rich in vitamins and proteins. 18 shakes come in three different products that are the chocolate shake mix, vanilla shake mix, and the sletroker shake mix. The 18 shakes can be used to replace a total of two meals daily. The shake does not only make you feel satisfied, but it does also make you continue with your daily activities without feeling tired. A unique thing about this shake is that it is naturally sweetened. Most people prefer using this product because it comes in different flavors. For Arbonne proteins shake, it is a nutrition product that helps one feel healthier and supports his/her Vitality. The product is one of the most controversial supplements. The reason for this is the product has high sugar content, and at the same time, it also has a high protein level. We are going to compare these two products and see what they both have to offer.


 Both of these two products have different components.  The Arbonne has 30 serving and each of the servings provides 160 calories. 160 is not bad because meal replacements shake with below 200 calories are referred to as weight loss shakes. It can also be useful if you are seeking to build some muscles. The main problem with its ingredients is that one serving of the Arbonne contains 9g of sugar and this is too much sugar for a shake.

On the other hand, the 18 shakes contain the following ingredients. They include the whey protein concentrate, the whey protein isolate, fibersol-2, vitamin, and minerals. The product provides one with 90 calories which is a perfect number. You also get 1.5g of fat and just 1 gram of sugar which is a smaller amount compared to Arbonne shake. The formula of this shake also provides on with vitamins A, C, D, E, and B complex. Presence of these nutrients is much more than the Arbonne protein shakes.

18 Shake Vs Arbonne Protein Shake

Protein Quality

On this part we will focus on the protein quality of these two products or how much protein can we expect from these products.

For Arbonne protein shakes 20g of proteins is found in one portion of the product which is typical for any meal replacement shake. There are three types of Arbonne protein shake. They are, the pea protein that has the same amino acids like fish and steak. The rice protein which is an incomplete protein meaning it lacks some amino acids. Lastly, the can berry protein powder which is the special one of all the proteins in this product.

The 18 shake, on the other hand, gives 15g of protein for every serve. The isolate version of 18 shakes is filtered to remove portions of fat and lactose this is good for those who are lactose intolerant but for the whey protein concentrate lactose is left in the formula. Hence having a mixture of the two kinds makes it difficult for those who are lactose intolerant.

Fiber Content

In choosing which shake is best for use you also have to consider the fiber content in the shakes. The fiber content in Arbonne protein shake is 2g. The Arbonne fiber content is so little if you compare it to other shakes like the 18 shakes which have high fiber content.  The lower fiber content in Arbonne has always been the primary concern of people who want to use this supplement. On the brighter side, the fiber used in the product is inulin which supports digestion and increases good gut bacteria.

The 18 shake has a high-quality fiber. The fiber in this product comes in the form of fibersol-2. Note that this is a unique formula that the company that manufactures the product do not reveal the actual ingredients that make the formula. The fiber content in 18 shakes is 10 grams which is a higher number compared to the Arbonne. The fiber in 18 shakes has been scientifically proven to provide increasing satiety hormones.

In conclusion, it is both clear that both of these products are beneficial to the human body and choosing one product comes down to an individual’s preference. For example, individuals who want to lose weight fast can go for 18 shake and individuals with who are lactose intolerant can go for Arbonne protein shake. Even though these shakes are beneficial to us, we should all eat a balanced diet and participate in physical activities to maintain good health.

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