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310 Vs. Isagenix Meal Replacement Shakes: Which Is Better? 

While 310 shake and Isagenix shake are both meal replacement shakes, they could not be more dissimilar.

310 Shake keeps it tight with fewer calories, sugar, and fat. Isagenix, on the other hand, has as many as twice the number of calories.

310 Shakes use their trademarked Triplex protein that can curb hunger while Isagenix shakes rely more on the all-around tried and tested formula for offering complete nutrition.

Review: Isagenix Vs. 310 Shake

Here is a look at both of the meal replacement shakes and which one is better.

A Look at the Ingredients

You need to lessen your calorie consumption to get the best from your weight loss shake.

310 shakes are made from all natural, plant-based ingredients, which are naturally sweetened. 310 shakes contain everything from pea, brown rice and hemp that aid in weight loss easily. The pea protein helps you build muscles, and the brown rice also aids you in your weight loss journey.

Both the shakes are gluten-free.

Each serving of 310 Shake gives you around 90 calories, while one serving of Isagenix Shake can cost you about 240 calories. You don’t really need that extra 150 calories per portion, do you?

That’s not all.

310 shake has no sugar and only 1g fat per portion. We have seen no other weight loss supplement that has such a low quantity of sugar and fat.

Isagenix Shake, on the other hand, has about 11g of sugar and 6g fat in just one serving.

A Look at the Proteins

Both shakes have three different sources of proteins. Both have whey protein concentrate and milk protein concentrate. It’s the third source that is different.

310 shake has whey protein isolate and Isagenix Isalean Shake contains nonfat dry milk. The fact that 310 shakes also contain probiotics makes them the better choice in the longer run, especially as your immune system gets the protection it needs to function normally.

Add to it around 15g of proteins per serving to 24g for 310 shakes and Isagenix shakes respectively.

There seems to be a clear winner here; fitness enthusiasts who want to improve their exercise performance plus lose weight without dropping muscles wouldn’t really want to go in for Isagenix.

Choose from Different Flavors

Looking to try the Isagenix shake? You can go in for everything from the creamy french vanilla to Dutch chocolate, all nutritious, delicious and tasty.

310 Nutrition flavors do not contain caffeine. Many user reviews express that people love the flavors including chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel, strawberry and mocha, giving you a multitude of options.

How Much Fiber Content Do the Meal Replacement Shakes Have?

Fiber is vital to curb your appetite and improve your metabolism, and this is that one area you would prefer Isagenix shake. With 8g of nutritional fiber per serving compared to 5g for 310 shakes, Isagenix is the clear winner here.

The Vitamins Included

Vitamins strengthen the immune system of the body and boost cell growth. Vitamin C, for instance, can help to lower your stress levels. Calcium can help to strengthen your bones.

The perfect meal replacement shake has to have the right vitamins plus minerals to help improve your health.

Both the meal replacement shakes contain essential vitamins like Manganese, which can boost your bone metabolism. They also contain Chromium, which helps lower cholesterol levels.

Some other vitamins included are Pantothenic acid, and active enzymes like lactase which help with digestion.

310 Shake has around 16 essential vitamins while Isagenix Shake has as many as 23, making the latter the clear winner.

Which is the Better Option?

There really does not seem to be much of a debate between the two. Both market themselves as a reliable meal loss replacement shake, but Isagenix Shake just doesn’t cut it.

Add to it the fact that it costs twice the money, and more calories.

Sure, Isagenix shake does offer more essential vitamins that your body needs but it comes at the cost of much higher calories – which you would rather avoid.

If you’re looking for a complete meal replacement shake, 310 Shake is a good option. It’s economical, and you could make a one-time purchase or subscribe to it for even lower cost.

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